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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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Proem Clinical Workflow Software 

Proem technology helps healthcare providers accurately and comprehensively screen populations for a majority of the most commonly diagnosed DSM-5 conditions, provides clinical decision support through structured and semi-structured interviews, and ultimately gives patients and care providers visibility into treatment outcomes for measurement-based care. 

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Use the Best Tools

Proem is built with validated scales and smart technology.

Increase Efficiency

Technology offers a simpler way to get the right answers at the right time.

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Seamless Workflow

Incorporate online assessments into clinical processes so patients complete them before seeing their provider, adding minimal time to appointments and physician workload.

Simplified Process

Screen, interview and monitor patients with one solution that guides providers through a configurable process instead of hunting for multiple condition-specific assessments in your EHR’s library. 

Consolidate Technology
Consolidate Technology

eSignature capability supports electronic behavioral health assessments and onboarding intake forms, including HIPAA consent forms, simplifying the onboarding of new patients.


Incorporate Clinical Decision Support

Having data helps providers make an accurate diagnosis quickly.

Deliver Measurement-Based Care

Dashboards show patient and organizational outcomes.

Increase Reimbursement

Behavioral healthcare documentation supports billing. 

Achieve Interoperability

Flexible integration capabilities help tailor Proem to customer needs.

Custom APIs
Custom APIs

Proem offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect to any system so files can be transferred, and patients and test results kept in sync.

EHR integration
EHR Integration

Proem can work with any enterprise or behavioral health EHR vendor to embed Proem into the EHR, enabling a deeper level of interoperability (available integrations listed below; more in process). 

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Implement Web-Based Technology

The latest in software development and design provides an excellent user experience.

Proem Mobile Interface
Modern User Interface

An elegant display guides users through the screening and assessment process making it easy to collect and use data to make the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

Mobile Platform

As a web-based product, users can access Proem anytime, anywhere on any device, easily supporting telehealth and remote care options.

Adaptive Web Design

Proem features adaptive and responsive web design to dynamically size the display to whatever device the user is using.

Text-Based Delivery

Proem can deliver a web link to any assessment a patient needs to take via HIPAA-compliant text messaging, boosting patient completion rates.

Single Sign On

Users can sign onto the Proem solution as part of their enterprise application, so they don’t have to remember login credentials for another system.

One mission. Two ways.

At Proem Behavioral Health, our mission is to ease the pain of mental illness by helping healthcare providers and clinical researchers help more people. We do that in two ways: through our comprehensive software platform and our exclusively licensed digital mental health assessments. 

The Proem Platform

The Proem Platform

Experience workflow efficiencies, consistent processes and documented outcome measures with a digital behavioral health assessment platform. 

Gold-standard Measurements

Gold-standard Measurements

Just need access to the best mental health assessment tools available to help screen, diagnose and/or monitor patients or trial/study participants?