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Mental Health Resources

Proem calls for meaningful dialogue and concrete change that can put the country on a path to fixing our flawed mental health system. Check this page for new resources that can help us work together to address the second pandemic: a surge in mental health issues.  


Reaching Better Behavioral Health Outcomes with Mental Health Tools

Understand the role mental health assessment tools play in practicing quality improvement. 

Measurement-Based Care for Improving Mental Health

Explore the need for and value of measurement-based care (MBC), discuss essential tools of MBC, and see how to put this technique into practice.

A Better Way to Approach Mental Health Screening

There’s now a better way for providers to more accurately and completely identify, diagnose and monitor patients' mental health to deliver better outcomes and improve quality measures.


Behavioral Health in 2023

Join a panel of behavioral health experts as they discuss the biggest news and trends from 2022 and what they mean for 2023 in this special webinar hosted by Proem Behavioral Health.

The Second Pandemic of Mental Health: An Expert Panel Discussion

Join a panel of behavioral health experts for a discussion on this second pandemic of mental health. Explore the significant challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers around mental healthcare today.

Impact of Outcome Measurement in Mental Healthcare: A Panel Discussion

Experts explore the significant challenges and opportunities around leveraging MBC in mental healthcare and what's needed for outcome measurement to fully deliver on its potential to support dramatic improvements in care delivery.


Proem: Supporting Measurement-Based Care in Behavioral Health

See how Proem offers the comprehensive behavioral health structured data collection capabilities available to track and document patient-reported outcomes

Proem Measurements Overview

See Proem Behavioral Health's cohesive set of evidence-based behavioral health assessments.


Proem: Supporting Pediatric Behavioral Health

Discover how Proem solutions can help providers direct young people to appropriate treatment options for their mental health disorders.

Case Studies

Lado Healing Institute: Accurate Assessments Key to Successful Treatment Plans

Large behavioral health practice in southwest Florida depends on Proem assessment tools to support more accurate assessments and treatment plans for patients.

Behavioral Health Infographics

How Most Mental Health Screening Tools are Failing

See concerning statistics for outdated mental health screening tools and workflows.

Top Proem Blog Posts

The State of Mental Health in Rural America: Why and How Technology Can Help

The state of mental health in America is in crisis and was in crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic. The problem is even more severe in rural America.

What is a Patient Health Questionnaire?

Learn more about patient health questionnaires used to assess mental and behavioral health disorders.

The Role Employers Should Play in Mental Health Assistance

As the second pandemic of mental health emerges, the mental health of employees has become a top concern for 85% of employers, according to a September 2020 survey.

2021 Mental Healthcare Report Card: Flunking Out on the “Five A’s”

Proem's VP of Strategic Partnerships Jim Szyperski provides a “report card” on mental healthcare based on the five “A’s” from Penchansky & Thomas: Affordability, Availability, Accessibility, Accommodation, Acceptability

What Do Patient Health Questionnaires Like PHQ9 Measure?

Proem's VP of Strategic Partnerships Jim Szyperski provides a “report card” on mental healthcare based on the five “A’s” from Penchansky & Thomas: Affordability, Availability, Accessibility, Accommodation, Acceptability

Importance of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month In 31 Stats

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is a time when resources and stories are shared to help shed light on suicide and prevention efforts.

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