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Gold-standard Mental Health Assessments 

Get faster, more accurate results with behavioral health software. 

Whether you are providing healthcare or conducting research, Proem can help you identify, assess and measure outcomes for mental health and substance use disorders, all in one place.

Quickly. Efficiently. Electronically. 

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The Status Quo No Longer Works

Commonly Used Screening Tools

The PHQ9 and GAD7, which were not intended to screen for or diagnose mental health disorders, contribute to the misdiagnosis of major depressive disorder 65.9% and generalized anxiety disorder 71% of the time. And the more comprehensive SCID-5 often used in research is time-consuming and inefficient to administer, especially on paper. 

No Defined Process

In all other areas of healthcare there is a protocol for diagnosing and treating illness. In mental health, there is no such consistent or comprehensive process to guide providers through evidence-based care or researchers through participant selection for trials/studies. 

Manual Evaluations

Manual and paper-based mental health evaluations often introduce bias, scoring errors, and inconsistency for healthcare providers, therapists, and researchers. This leads to variations in care and selection of the wrong trial/study participants. 

Diagnosis Issues

Misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses waste time and money for providers and are costly to patients who may wait as long as 11 years for a correct diagnosis. For researchers, the wrong diagnosis could mean the wrong participants, which puts a trial/study at risk. 

Lack of Engagement

Without the ability to easily interact with patients or participants outside the office, many organizations simply have no idea if a patient gets better, or if a trial/study participant follows the study protocol. And an inability to collect data during treatment or a trial makes measurement-based care, quality improvement and regulatory compliance difficult. 

Making Accurate Diagnosis Easy with Proem

How We're Different

A Solution for the Entire Behavioral Health Care Continuum

The Proem solution meets patients where they are on the journey to better mental health and can be configured to support the workflow of any organization large or small. 

  • Efficiency — Screen, assess, monitor and/or measure a significant majority of diagnosed DSM-5 adult and pediatric conditions using a single platform that comprises a cohesive set of evidence-based tools.

  • Accuracy — Make more accurate diagnoses with clinically validated tools that present the disorders a patient or participant meets criteria for, allowing the clinician or researcher to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

  • Consistency — Proprietary algorithms suggest clinical next steps based on an organization’s preferred workflow and produce a configurable list of outcome monitors and measures to ensure faster and more consistent results. 

  • Performance — Data collected throughout the process is available and presented in dashboards that provide at-a-glance metrics on patient progress and organizational performance. 

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How It Works

A Flexible Platform to Support the Mental Health Wellness Journey

Quickly Identify Mental Health Conditions in Populations

Evidence-based screeners assess the most diagnosed adult and pediatric DSM-5 mental health disorders within 3-5 minutes, helping quickly and accurately screen patients. These screeners are particularly valuable for determining if/where deeper exploration around disorders is needed.

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Dig Deeper into Mental Disorders

Comprehensive 20- to 30-minute interviews help make accurate diagnoses, providing a baseline of a patient’s mental health or determining inclusion/exclusion for a trial/study. The structured interviews that Proem has licensed have been validated to show psychiatrist agreement in 85% of diagnoses and have been used in clinical settings, research studies and trials for many years worldwide. 

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Dashboards Pull All the Data Together

Comprehensive information is collected, plotted, and presented via insightful analytics dashboards. The patient dashboard tracks conditions, follow-up plans, symptom improvement, therapeutic alliance, and functional impairment. The management dashboard aggregates data across patient and provider populations and helps administrators facilitate best practices and consistency of care across the organization.

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Ensure Alignment of Treatment, Symptom and Functionality Improvement

Scheduled symptom monitors, severity measurement scales, therapeutic alliance, and functional impairment scales provide a multi-dimensional, comprehensive view of a patient. This level of detail helps healthcare providers track and trend a patient's progress, make changes to treatment plans, and meet requirements for measurement- and value-based care.

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Specialty Tools

Direct, Monitor and Measure Patients Throughout Treatment

Based on results of the screeners and interviews, Proem’s proprietary algorithms respond by offering clinical follow-up suggestions that are configurable to align with your ideal workflow. Monitor and measure patient/participant progress in real time and give patients/participants visibility into their treatment success, providing evidence of outcomes for all.

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Outcome Measures

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Proven Tools

Evidence-based Measurements Backed by Years of Research

The Proem platform is built using digital versions of tools that are exclusively licensed from the top psychiatric professionals in the behavioral health field, including Dr. David Sheehan, Dr. Wayne Goodman, Dr. Eric Storch, and Dr. Katharine Phillips, among others. These tools include the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M.I.N.I.), Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (YBOCS), Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ), and more, and have been validated through clinical research and used in clinical practice for many years worldwide. 

Agreement Between Psychiatrists and M.I.N.I. Assessment
Times Proem Licensed Tools Cited in Industry Publications
Times Dr. Sheehan’s Tools Used in Clinical Research Studies


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One mission. Two ways.

At Proem Behavioral Health, our mission is to ease the pain of mental illness by helping healthcare providers and clinical researchers help more people. We do that in two ways: through our comprehensive software platform and our exclusively licensed digital mental health assessments. 

The Proem Platform

The Proem Platform

Experience workflow efficiencies, consistent processes and documented outcome measures with a digital behavioral health assessment platform. 

Gold-standard Measurements

Gold-standard Measurements

Just need access to the best mental health assessment tools available to help screen, diagnose and/or monitor patients or trial/study participants?