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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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Mental Health Assessment Technology 

Maximize results with the power of behavioral health software. 

Whether you are providing behavioral health or physical health care or conducting clinical research, Proem offers the perfect solution to identify, assess, and measure outcomes for mental health and substance use disorders, all conveniently in one place.

Rapidly. Effectively. Digitally.

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The Status Quo No Longer Works

Commonly Used Screening Tools

The PHQ9 and GAD7, which were originally intended to monitor symptoms of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder in patients being treated with medication, contribute to the misdiagnosis of mental illness when used to diagnose depression and anxiety. And the more comprehensive SCID-5, sometimes used in research, is time-consuming and inefficient to administer, especially on paper. 

No Defined Process

In physical health care, there are protocols for diagnosing and treating illness. In mental health, there is no such consistent or comprehensive process to guide providers through evidence-based care or researchers through participant selection for trials/studies.

Manual Evaluations

Manual and paper-based mental health evaluations often introduce bias, scoring errors and inconsistency for health care providers, therapists and researchers. This leads to variations in care or selection of the wrong trial/study participants.


Patients wait an average of 11 years  between symptom onset and treatment often due to misdiagnosis or missed diagnoses, which wastes time for providers and is costly for patients. For researchers, the wrong diagnosis could lead to the wrong participants, which puts a trial/study at risk.

Lack of Engagement

Without the ability to easily interact with patients or participants outside the office, many organizations simply have no idea if a patient gets better, or if a trial/study participant follows the study protocol. And an inability to collect data during treatment or a trial makes measurement-based care, quality improvement and regulatory compliance difficult.

How We're Different

A Solution for the Entire Behavioral Health Care Continuum

The Proem solution is tailored to support patients at every step of their journey towards enhanced mental well-being. Whether they reach out to their family practitioner, behavioral health care provider, federally qualified health center (FQHC), or substance use disorder (SUD) clinic, our objective remains consistent: to seamlessly automate and integrate behavioral health care into existing workflows.

Making Accurate Diagnosis Easy with Proem
  • Proactive Clinical Decision Support – Proem enables providers to quickly and comprehensively evaluate commonly diagnosed mental health disorders and co-morbidities on a single platform using licensed and scientifically supported digital tools.

  • Revenue Generation – Proem optimizes reimbursement for healthcare providers by integrating digital tools for utilization documentation and uncovering needed behavioral health care services.

  • Verifiable Outcomes Proem tracks outcome data for measurement-based care, enabling providers to adjust treatment plans and engage patients through visually appealing progress dashboards.

  • World-Class Implementation & SupportProem's customer success team minimizes disruptions, collaborates on workflow, and continues to check in post go-live for ongoing improvements.

How It Works

4 Simple Steps to Help Clinicians Provide Accurate, Efficient and Consistent Mental Health Care


During annual well visits, or physicals, patients complete a comprehensive electronic screener to create a mental health baseline and address concerns proactively, before the moment of crisis.

Assess and Diagnose
Assess and Diagnose

Patients with mental health complaints and high-risk individuals complete a comprehensive interview online before appointments to aid in accurate diagnosis and triage.


Regularly scheduled monitoring tools automatically follow patient progress in symptom improvement, functional capacity, and alliance with their therapy and provider.


Data from the care process is visualized on dynamic patient and management dashboards, providing actionable insight into treatment effectiveness for measurement-based care.

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Touchless Workflow

Proem Delivers Patient Data Without Provider Intervention

Touchless Provider Workflow

Proven Results

Improve Efficiency with Software that Engages Patients and Providers


Screen for the most common diagnosed mental disorders in less than 5 minutes using one screener.


Achieve 70% or more patient compliance with completing Proem’s patient-led, licensed digital tools before their appointment.


Decrease the time to make a diagnosis by 66% using Proem’s clinical decision support platform.


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One mission. Two ways.

At Proem Behavioral Health, our mission is to ease the pain of mental illness by helping healthcare providers and clinical researchers help more people. We do that in two ways: through our comprehensive software platform and our exclusively licensed digital mental health assessments. 

The Proem Platform

The Proem Platform

Experience workflow efficiencies, consistent processes and documented outcome measures with a digital behavioral health assessment platform. 

Gold-standard Measurements

Gold-standard Measurements

Just need access to the best mental health assessment tools available to help screen, diagnose and/or monitor patients or trial/study participants?